Welcome to The Indie Academy!

Are you an established author looking for a PA?

Are you getting ready to publish your first book and need help setting up your new business?

The Indie Academy can help.

Indie publishing is a huge business and it’s a lot of fun, but navigating your way through this ever changing industry can be hard work. As writers, we want to spend our time WRITING, but publishing independently means we also need to learn about editing, formatting, graphic design, social media and promotion. It can be daunting. Especially if you’re new to this world. But The Indie Academy can help make this process the fun and exciting experience that it’s meant to be.

We cover everything, from helping you set up your website, publishing accounts and social media pages to finding cover artists and editors within your budget.

If you’ve already found your way through the publishing process and need help building a newsletter, answering emails, booking promotions and signing up for giveaways, we can definitely help with that too.

Visit the Services and Pricing page for more information and send us an email with any questions you might have.


Published by Anna Hub

Anna Hub is a USA Today bestselling paranormal/thriller author from Perth, Western Australia. She qualified as a nurse in her early twenties but in 2007, decided to chase her childhood dream of becoming an author instead. Since then, she’s surrendered her heart and soul to writing. Although terrified of horror movies, Anna loves to write on the dark side and explore uncharted mythologies. She believes the imagination is infinite and inside the pages of a book, there is no limit, no exact destination and our minds are free to exist in many worlds.

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