Don’t be a needy writer…

A lot of writers are introverts and love to be alone with their work. That’s what makes us good at what we do. Unfortunately, that also means we’re not so good at promoting ourselves because we don’t enjoy standing on the rooftop chanting our own name.

But the truth is, readers don’t really want us to chant our name anyway. So what do they want?

If someone follows us on social media, they don’t want to see the same link to our Amazon page posted each week. Sure, they need to know where to find our books, but this needs to be done in moderation.

When you think about it, posting that same link over and over is sending the message that it’s all about the author and their sales. Don’t be the needy one in this relationship. Put your readers first. Always. Constantly remind yourself that marketing works best not with a ‘what can you do for me?’ attitude, but ‘what can I do for you?’


Make readers feel important.

Reward them for joining you. Offer them book teasers, run competitions for them or let them choose character names in your next book and most importantly, show them that you’re a real person, not an automation that tells them where to buy your book.

Treat them like you care and they’ll find your books on their own.

And remember, social media presence is just one small part of promotion. To be honest, it’s not the part that’s going to sell the most books. Certainly not when you’re a small fry anyway. Don’t invest all your time on the internet and burn yourself out.

Network with other authors, run cross promotions and book paid ads (these don’t have to be expensive). If you’re not sure where to start find an author who’s doing it right and ask them for advice. Although authors are incredibly busy, so many of them love helping like-minded people.

If you’re an author looking for help, you’re welcome to join The Indie Academy Facebook Group where we talk about book promotions and meet other authors.

Now go and treat your readers like they mean something!

Published by Anna Hub

Anna Hub is a USA Today bestselling paranormal/thriller author from Perth, Western Australia. She qualified as a nurse in her early twenties but in 2007, decided to chase her childhood dream of becoming an author instead. Since then, she’s surrendered her heart and soul to writing. Although terrified of horror movies, Anna loves to write on the dark side and explore uncharted mythologies. She believes the imagination is infinite and inside the pages of a book, there is no limit, no exact destination and our minds are free to exist in many worlds.

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