It’s time to meet Immortelle…


Nemesis by Elle Cross

In a world where peace and balance among immortal clans must be maintained, Immortelle, an ex-vampire assassin, seeks vengeance against an unseen enemy. 

John Wick meets Underworld in this mythical tale of blood and retribution.

“The book is as beautiful, and as dark and ominous, as the cover that represents it.”

“Worth every heart pounding second.”

“This is not for the faint of heart.”

It’s time to meet Immortelle in Nemesis before she returns for Maestra

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Maestra coming March 2, 2019


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Love is a strange master…

I am Immortelle…the woman who lives.

As a honed weapon for the Cabal, I was made to kill. To defeat my enemies. To win.

I was made to survive whatever was thrown at me.

What I wasn’t prepared for was surviving after love.

When I lost my family, I became the living embodiment for vengeance, killing all who had robbed me of my peace.

I expected retribution. Instead, I received an unusual offer: to accept an inheritance.

If I claim it, I will have the power to seek the shimmering future that I desperately want. But, I will also inherit new enemies who want that power for themselves.

A blessing and a curse. Two fates tied to the same coin.

Fortunately, I don’t have to decide alone.

At my side are four immortal warriors who will stand by me through anything, even against a looming threat…

Maestra continues the story of Immortelle. This dark Urban Fantasy is meant for mature readers, and contains reverse harem romance themes.

Pre-Order Maestra on Amazon

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