There’s Literally No Reason Why You Can’t Write A Book

The Indie Academy #3

When I was a kid I used to get pretty bad insomnia, so instead of sleeping I would curl up in bed and tell myself stories. They started out as single scenes but sometimes I got so excited about my imaginary world that I would let the story play out in instalments, each night picking up where I left off.

Sometimes I would whisper the dialogue aloud and many of those characters were with me for months.

They’re my earliest memories of telling stories but at the time I didn’t realise those imagining would become real. Those secret stories didn’t have to exist just inside my head when I was meant to be sleeping.

It didn’t happen in an instant but I let those stories into my life and now they’ve become a career.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, you should know that there is literally no reason in the world that you can’t do it.

Don’t Need A PA? Perhaps You Have The Wrong Idea

The Indie Academy #20

You might think you’re not successful enough to hire a personal assistant, or you can’t afford it.

But perhaps you have the wrong idea…

What if you know you need a newsletter but you’re not sure how to build one?

Do you have a new release coming up but you’re not sure how to get the word out?

Social media presence is important but maybe you just don’t enjoy spending time on it?

You can hire our help for as little as an hour a month. We have some clients who only want newsletter building services and it costs them $5 a week. Or social media campaigns that include between 15 minutes to an hour a week – you’re call.

You can change your services anytime. You can add extra hours if you need more work than your originally thought. You’re in complete control.

Visit our website if you’re looking for more information. Or send us an email.

Make sure your book reaches enough people to catch fire!

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As authors too often we sit back and think, ‘If my book is good enough it will find success.’ But the truth is that’s not good enough. 99% of successful authors busted their ass to get there.

If your book is well written readers will talk about it, but first you need to make sure it reaches enough people to catch fire.

Don’t feel disheartened because you’re not an instant bestseller. The majority of bestsellers hit that rank because of good marketing.

We spend good money on editing, we’ll invest in great cover art because we know it sells our product, but don’t forget the advertising budget. Obviously the more you have to spend, the better, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Make a COURAGEOUS decision and book promotions with your new release. STACK those ads and climb the Amazon rank. If you don’t know where to find cheap book promotions – ask.

We can arrange them for you if you’re short on time, but if you need to save money where you can it’s easy enough to do it all yourself!

May Mystery & Suspense Giveaway

May Mystery & Suspense Giveaway (1)

Welcome to The Indie Academy’s May Mystery & Suspense Giveaway!

Mystery, suspense, crime, romance and paranormal – we have it all!

Ten books to keep you on the edge of your seat and a $60 Amazon gift card to be won!

To enter the giveaway, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Crime, Mystery & Romantic Suspense

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Cozy Mystery



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Mystery & Suspense Newsletter Building

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Hello mystery & suspense authors!

The Indie Academy will host a book sale from May 15-21 including any mystery, suspense and sub-genre novels (crime, psychological thriller, cozy mystery, supernatural etc).

The promotion will include a giveaway (prize will depend on number of participants), all authors must share with their newsletter and social media accounts, and once the promotion is complete, will receive a list of subscribers to add to their newsletter.

Cost is $5 to participate and all money will go toward prizes. You can price your enrolled book however you like, but 99c sales usually work best. Once your sign up has been received, a Paypal invoice will be sent. Once payment is complete, your position will be confirmed.

If you’re interested you can sign up here.

If you’d like to hear about future joint author promotions, join The Indie Academy Facebook Group

And feel free to email with any questions


PNR/UF Author Cross Promotion

Attention Authors!

Background for Book Sale.png

The Indie Academy is hosting a 99c PNR/UF book sale from April 17-23.
If you have a paranormal romance or urban fantasy book for 99c you can sign up here.
It’s free to take part but you must be willing to share with your newsletter 🙂
If you don’t have a PNR or UF book but would be interested in future cross promotions or newsletter building, join The Indie Academy Facebook Group.

Don’t be a needy writer…

A lot of writers are introverts and love to be alone with their work. That’s what makes us good at what we do. Unfortunately, that also means we’re not so good at promoting ourselves because we don’t enjoy standing on the rooftop chanting our own name.

But the truth is, readers don’t really want us to chant our name anyway. So what do they want?

If someone follows us on social media, they don’t want to see the same link to our Amazon page posted each week. Sure, they need to know where to find our books, but this needs to be done in moderation.

When you think about it, posting that same link over and over is sending the message that it’s all about the author and their sales. Don’t be the needy one in this relationship. Put your readers first. Always. Constantly remind yourself that marketing works best not with a ‘what can you do for me?’ attitude, but ‘what can I do for you?’


Make readers feel important.

Reward them for joining you. Offer them book teasers, run competitions for them or let them choose character names in your next book and most importantly, show them that you’re a real person, not an automation that tells them where to buy your book.

Treat them like you care and they’ll find your books on their own.

And remember, social media presence is just one small part of promotion. To be honest, it’s not the part that’s going to sell the most books. Certainly not when you’re a small fry anyway. Don’t invest all your time on the internet and burn yourself out.

Network with other authors, run cross promotions and book paid ads (these don’t have to be expensive). If you’re not sure where to start find an author who’s doing it right and ask them for advice. Although authors are incredibly busy, so many of them love helping like-minded people.

If you’re an author looking for help, you’re welcome to join The Indie Academy Facebook Group where we talk about book promotions and meet other authors.

Now go and treat your readers like they mean something!