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Welcome to The Indie Academy’s June Instafreebie Giveaway!

Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense – whatever you love to read, we have it!

There are 70 free books available via Instafreebie and a $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs so make sure you visit the Rafflecopter link at the bottom of the page.

Romance – Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotica

51wYyYJxXLL._SY346_    Tanya Bird.jpg     C.E.Wilson.eBook.jpg

crazy-perfect-mess-15r-hdh.png     Cover Doubts & Desires.jpg     01ba63d5fbde4908e3645d0e7f5a8e73

LOTR - Final for Re-Release.jpg     f7b202c30b5ec70c186367e02425603e.jpg     Tainted Love cover.jpg

8d95c7d5007aaf5e292ac2eae0100a31.jpg     1300583fc49e2abb8e26e7acc4a7e018     9674290a0d63362bff72f966e07ef287.jpg

SmartestGirlFinal.jpg     6749af6b5f900af8b8d0cc6d3cf970dd     36d553051a6b04d70a0969ba78ee1370.jpg

bidder     7f6d3de6d44c1e219ba3b5402fd181c9.jpg    boss daddyfinal.jpg

81f9554b00422f316ab068eaea2b74e3    29b6d4c43f8ebcbb8730ca1c559623d7.jpg     7e2b882d8941a725dbd8db802585cad7

Ryzen---Prequel.jpg   bound.jpg    BlackWidowCover500

Love_Beyond_the_wall_11.jpg     HerSoldierCover     Tornebook.jpg

7d7c789520b443130da535b34a1b334e     Blood Lust 600x900 Cover     Those black wings IF cover

Historical & Women’s Fiction

spoonfulchronicles-ghulam-ebook     a110f1fc51b9c5d03fad1354413b6b18

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopian

4553278b08c6ffb42e1c6137fbcb9019.jpg    TBO-ebook-web.jpg     c747f5d8fd3ba3b7dba8697cac3101a3.jpg

b4c88941d3562be19bfefbb09c883862.jpg     2017-528 Redemption A Malvers War Novel.jpg     k the awakening cover.jpg

KAREN O CONNOR COVER Blood Hunted 72dpi.jpg     f6ca0af3a5402459fda5cf036cce8c5d.jpg     Preview TNH (1).png

Escape.jpg     8531eefa64b65e3c17cc1d6faa94bb37     TheLastCityMed.png

Storm Wielder Kindle Cover.jpg     0c304875257c1f9b9efe2e766c73dca9.jpg     ddseries book1 ebook.jpg

e2fbd4df9149d5e061c9685e4019b631     f7c4391c174a86a185805b563a934113.jpg     The Weeds within the Rulership Cover

2017-342 Jo Ho b01 FINAL     daef3307bd8f88e1d1ef6eb9aaf89947     the executioner.jpg

bdfd6f342a14a45529fdd6c2b60870a5.jpg     bec9f092e6cb61410e4b9c16cd30d6c7.jpg     The Silver Strand ebook-small.jpg

mindbreaker006 MARINA.jpg     Only the Dead Don't Die  Popovich.jpg     Truthsight DIGITAL Cover copy.jpg

Redwood Cover.jpg

Redwood Servant of the State

Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

b48bbeb1f6af09c791c1b3ba58847704     JoS-NYT-front.jpg     Forgotten 6.jpg

DOAS cover FINAL REV 1.jpg     WalkerTexasWife_KMHODGE.jpg     Scream of Silence_cover_rev2.jpg

IMG_0399.JPG     KTQcover-js1-front.jpg    871418511d9137ff892b647a29b2b107.jpg

Real Life Adventure




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